RepFlip Sales & CRM Platform Introduction

RepFlip is an end-to-end Platform for engaging leaders and healthcare providers anytime 360 degree

RepFlip has the following modules

CRM Module
RepFlip Medical CRM is an advanced multichannel solution that addresses the needs of medical organizations.

RepFlip has advanced capabilities for planning and coordination of all resources across all communication channels,

RepFlip Medical CRM is the end-to-end solution you need to engage your opinion leaders and healthcare providers anytime, on any device.
Sales Module
RepFlip is designed for commercial teams, to get clear and accurate visibility to sales and marketing interactions.

RepFlip has deep capabilities to Manage Product pricing schema real time
Budget Module
RepFlip Budget is an advanced Budget and Expense workflow process for tracking and detailing the Marketing Budget plan and its approved and applied expenses in a way to give an early insights for Company leaders on the Budget directions and relating this to current existing KPIs like sales and visits.

RepFlip Budget Module is a nifty solution you need to engage your company stakeholders to decide and monitor Budget target, expenses and progress at any time, on any device.

RepFlip CRM Feature List

Manipulate Field Force Hierarchy (Reps, Teams, Products)
Visits log with GPS Geo-fencing
Single Platform managing CRM and Sales
Automated Cycle for Target visits (submission and approval)
Real-Time Reporting
Ready for integration with any E-detailing tool

RepFlip Sales Feature List

Upload targets [Per product, per rep]
Upload market share
Calculate rep sales achievements
Upload sales data from distributors
Manage product pricing schema
Data and page level security
Reports & Dashboards

RepFlip: Admin Process

RepFlip: Reps Process

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