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Security Solutions

Identity Protection
Users of Data Solution need to access their data whenever and wherever they are with no limitation. They, of course, need their data to be protected and to have high-level of privacy and security. Accordingly, Mazano is interested to provide its customers with high quality services, so our Corporate guarantees that our customers shall be supplied with high-level of Security, Safety, and privacy during accessing to their data.


Mazano is to provide its customers with the most effective solutions with high-level security and privacy for accessing to their data safely. These solutions include, but not limited to the following:
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM):
    IAM provides, but not limited to authentication and authorization with single sign-on, and granular security policies, while monitoring and managing the entire user session to prevent session hacking.
  • Strong Authentication:
    Our Customers shall get strong Authentication to be provided by security and privacy, then no one can hack their data.
  • Privileged Access Management:
    Sensitive administrative credentials shall be protected continuously, controlling privileged user access, and monitoring and recording privileged user activity across virtual, cloud, and physical environments.

Data Center Solutions

Nowadays all people around the world tend to use digital platforms in all forms, so the need for Data Center Solutions increases everyday to facilitate providing the suitable environment for servers to work smoothly and for people to access to their data easily wherever and whenever they want. Since the demand for Data Center Solutions becomes essential for every Corporate, Mazano Co. provides its customer with full integration of Data Center Solutions including data analytics, installing business applications, desktop virtualization, and cloud solutions faster by combing between computer, storage, networking, backup, management, and virtualization.

The Services supplied under Data Center Solutions by Mazano Co. as follows:

  • Storage Services
  • Data Protection Services
  • Enterprise Servers
  • IT Virtualization
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity & Availability
  • Software Defined Data Center
  • Cloud Solution

Data Center Solutions Benefits:

  • Business Agility
  • Faster Time to Market
  • CAPEX & OPEX Savings
  • Easy Recovery for lost data
  • Easy Backup
  • Easy accessibility to the data
  • Data Management

Data Management

Mazano Co. focusing on Digital Transformation, software & business solutions, so it tends to transform its customers to the Digital Era. Driven by this trend.

Our Responsibility

Mazano Co. is committed to provide its customers with services by which they can bring Prosperity to their businesses and achieve targets.

How Mazano delivers customer satisfaction?

Mazano Team are working on achieving the Power of Data Management through Applications, solutions building & hardware infrastructure building for the customer’s business.

Software Services

Software Integrations

Leading Experts:
Mazano have the leading experts and teams that dealt with different and diverse systems that in general knows the how to and what analysis.

Adding Values:
Mazano gives the value added from bringing 2 or more systems together and highlights the hot areas it should cover and advice on how to maximize the benefits of existing systems and how to benefit from new systems as well.

Software Development

Diverse Teams:
Mazano has diverse teams from Closed Frameworks like Microsoft to Open Source frameworks like PHP and Laravel. Those teams fit the needs of customer requirements to implement any software regarding his specs and Mazano offer its service to guide customer through which framework should make things easier for the customer and minimize the cost

Problem Solvers:
At Mazano, we tend to create a software that solves problems and offers solutions that enables users to reduce time and effort spent on daily work and help maximize the work value and quality.

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IT Solutions

At Mazano, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions

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