About CAS
“Call Accounting System“

Implements call account system that contains a web application that monitors all PBX centrals onsite.
CAS is a web application which means it is accessible from any computer using any browser: chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and opera.


Application support different configuration per PBX central, and reads data according to it.
CAS currently supports Multiple PBX Central configuration like Open Scape 4000 and Open Scape Business and can be integrated and adapted easily to other systems.


CAS allows you to setup and construct your organization chart up to 3 levels those are, divisions, departments and individuals.


As CAS is accessible via web technologies, security is indispensable feature, only authorized users can login to the system using their configured usernames and passwords and use the system. The system also allows having different roles to match different users’ responsibilities.

Reports and Dashboards

CAS provides a flexible and easy way for users to generate all types of insightful reports and visualizations which enables managers to take informed decisions. Such report includes:
- Top N duration of calls per user, date range, department, and division.
- Top N Cost per user, date range, department, and division.
- Analysis Report per user, date range, department, and division.
- Details report, view detailed calls per user, date range, department, and division.
- And more …

How CAS Works


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